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  Nantong Shengli Heavy Machine Manufacture Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “SLZG”) is mainly engaged in producing plate molding machines, complete production lines and solutions of individual industrial technology, with 20 years's exprience in rolling machine, leveling machine and section bending machine.

  Our company is located in Hai'an County, Jiangsu Province, laying a solid foundation for all high-quality and high-standard products of SLZG. Our target is to reach excellent quality level in each production phase. We buy our materials and parts from the most professional manufacturers. In addition, about 150 high-quality employees make their efforts to achieve maximum customer satisfaction by their knowledge.

  About 3,000 or more devices or production lines of SLZG are installed worldwide. Over 99% of our machines have been used in the whole world since 1999. Our objective is to produce the largest forming machine in the world and provide top technology in metal forming technical field.

  With rapid development of “knowledge economy age”, a high-technology, high-speed and high-informatization new economy revolution cleans up each enterprise, market economy has become more and more mature in China, economic globalization has become more integrated and the largest characteristic of the times is coexistence of opportunities and challenges.

  Looking backing, SLZG has been upholding the tenet of “Respect Science, Respect Innovation” and abiding by the principle of “Quality First, Customer Supreme” in opportunities and challenges, and has continuously and stably developed by perfection in progress and progress in perfection. Therefore, we deeply realize that motive power of enterprise survival and development is advanced scientific measures, scientific management system and excellent talent.

  In many tasks of the enterprise, we constantly insist on the concept of “People First”, namely in actual work, we respect human character, value human wisdom, recognize human value, cherish human feeling, maintain human dignity and improve human quality, this is intrinsic connotation of “People First”.

  We show gratitude for all customers and friends who have offered great support and care to us and will consistently provide the best products and service for you.

  Our objective is to build the enterprise into a knowledgeable, responsible, international and long life enterprise. The first priority is to finish social responsibility, we will agreeably undertake due social responsibility and develop and progress together with more customers and friends.

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