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Leader's Speech

  Excellent Innovation, Perfect Quality, Green SLZG

  Since 1999, SLZG has gradually developed into a global enterprise famous for innovation and quality from a small company.

  We will obtain great growth in rapidly changing industry due to the following two unchangeable factors: Continuous innovation and our unwavering quality commitment.
  These values are contained in our brand commitment: “Excellent Innovation, Perfect Quality”.

Excellent Innovation
  Innovation is the vitality of SLZG. Innovation exists in the whole business operation and penetrates into the most subtle details: From drawing design to material selection and manufacturing process.
  We deeply understand current customers’ requirements and constantly pay attention to creative solutions capable of changing game rule to meet the above requirements.
  Our mission is to provide real innovative products and these products will bring more and better products to customers.

Perfect Quality
  In SLZG, we make efforts to achieve absolute perfection. By insisting on “overall quality management system” in organization level and all functional departments, we can ensure that customers can persistently obtain solutions with the best design and quality in the most cost-effective mode. Our efforts have obtained affirmation of various patent certificates.

Green SLZG
  To ensure that we don’t cast ominous shadow to rather weak ecosystem, SLZG has persistently passed Green SLZG action plan since 2000 to alleviate environmental influence brought by its operation. Green SLZG covers the four fields as follows:

  Green Design
  Design products easy to reuse, recycle and decompose, improve energy efficiency of products and abide by guideline of harmful substances.
  Green Manufacture
  Adopt more environmental manufacture.
  Green Purchasing
  Supervise green supply chain management system and maintain online green supplier database.
  Green Service and Marketing
  Encourage and support resource recovery plan and ensure that charity groups can benefit from these activities.

  “Excellent Innovation, Perfect Quality, Green SLZG” is our motto, let us exceed expected objective in anything and continuously ensure customer satisfaction.
  In the competitive society, it will describe future road for us, realize our vision of becoming the most revered leading enterprise in the world and draw blueprint for us in next decades to assist our customers to fulfill their dreams.

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